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The Problem: You're losing money.

Lets say you only have 5 people in the workplace, you’ve now lost 20% of your work force if one of them calls in sick. 

This clearly has some financial implications.   

An employee may use sick leave to provide support for a family member who has a physical illness or has an injury. 

They may also accompany them to a medical examine or treatment. 

Other employees call in sick so they may research their own health and treatment options. 

This costs you :

  • Wages paid to absent employees
  • High-cost replacement workers (overtime pay for other employees and/or temporary workers)
  • Administrative costs of managing absenteeism  


Your Solution: Shield Health Advocates

We are a team of healthcare professionals that know how to navigate the healthcare system.

Let us assist your employee, by giving them peace of mind. 

Shield Health Advocates step into that role as a healthcare navigator.

We will help them and their loved ones navigate the maze of the healthcare system.

We help with:

  • Attending doctor appointments 
  • Workshops 
  •  Monitoring hospital stays
  • Bridge the gap between hospital discharge and home-care


Your Benefits: Cost savings

Some ways to save money.You now have retained good employees, and increased job satisfaction .

Other benefits:

Decreased costs

Increased morale among employees who do not have to "fill in" or do extra work to cover absent coworkers 

Decreased turnover

Increased productivity

Increase your bottom line

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