Frequently asked questions


What does a healthcare advocate do?

Our healthcare advocates are there to offer a wide range of services, ranging from attending  your doctors’ appointments, to monitoring your bedside care in the hospital, as well as bridging the gap between you and your healthcare team.

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I thought doctors, nurses and other providers offered those services?

They work with hundreds  of patients, every day. At Shields Health Advocates we focus only on you,one client at a time.

Who pays for the services?

Usually payment is made directly by the patient or his caregiver. We work directly for you.

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How will you help me in the hospital?

We will ask the questions that clients don't think to ask, we also will make sure that there is continued care after discharge. 

Will you be with me me in the appointments?

Yes.We will be there to provide support, take notes and translate health and medical jargon.

What do you not do?

We do not administer medications,do physical exams nor give diagnoses.

Our advocates do not assist clients with any personal care such as bathing, dressing, or simple wound care.

We do not provide transportation to the appointments. 

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