What we do

Preparation for appointments


Meeting up with you at the appointment.

Providing a list of questions to ask.

Background research on your diagnosis and/or treatment options.

Background research on Doctors and treatment facilities.

Providing a list of questions to ask.

Hospital bedside monitoring


Liaise with your medical team on any issue.

Oversee care and support you during hospitalization.

Getting second opinions if necessary.

Follow up on tests and blood work.

Preparing you for discharge.

Medication Reviews


Medication allergy and comparability.

Medication safety.

Checking expiration dates.

Checking to make sure you're taking medication as prescribed.

Caregiver support and education


Empowerment,engagement and education.

Emotional support and resources.

Helping with decision-making.  

Getting second opinion if necessary.

Speaking Engagements


Seminars and workshops for small or large groups.

We will  inform you of your rights as a patient or as a caregiver.

Assisting with paperwork


Help fill out forms.

Track paperwork and records.    

Records review and discussion.

Customized Plan of Action!

If you do not see the services you’re looking for,not to worry!

We are happy to put together a customized package for you that fits your unique needs.

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Please Note: If you feel you are having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 or go the nearest hospital..